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Artist: visual audio
Artist's Description
A Song About Relaxing

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap
Mood(s): Calm, Cool, Relaxed
Style(s): Desire, Story
Language(s): NONE
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00


By visual audio
Came Into
The spot
Put my phone
On the charger
Then i
Cut the
Ringer off
Because I
Don't want to
Be bothered
Hit the couch
And just chill
Kick my shoes
Onto the floor
Body stretched
With No a/c
Breeze Coming
Through the door
Blue skies
White clouds
Mother fxxx
The u.v. rays
Birds chirping
In the trees
Cat chillin
In the shade
This really
Is the life
Plain and simple
My desire
And tonight
I'm going
To smoke
A blunt
Out by
The campfire
Long was
From the city
And at all
I do not miss
Frying pan
Knife spoon
And a plate's
My only dish
This year
Happened fast
Shit feels
Like a blur
Did some shows
Rock the crowd
Signed some tits
And fxxxed her
Did a
Couple interviews
Got my name
Dragged through
The mud
Addressing people
One on one
Using me
To get a buzz
I told them
Dead that
Shit now
Handle it
Before I do
Put your pride
To the side
Because we all
Know how
I move
I just need
A slow pace
Like the tortoise
In the race
No gate
Got ackers
Full of space
Running through it
Got it up to
14 days
I just had
To get away
Acknowledge me


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