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Growth hasn't happened here

Artist's Description
Evil by chelsea cutler

Genre(s): Electronica/Dance, Mood Music, Dubstep, Dub
Mood(s): Introspective, Tension
Style(s): Future, Nostalgic
Language(s): English
Standard License:$250.00
Extended License:$250.00

Growth hasn't happened here

Life hasn't been easy
Living here under this old roof with you
I thought I would be growing here
But days like this, fights like this, I know
Growth hasn't happened here, I lost my glow

More and more I ask some questions I'd like to ignore
Like am I supposed to stay here
Would I find the light and love me more
Like how do I let you drown out my love
Every time in the sake of push and shove

Misery speaks - I love you but you always suck
Once gold, my glitters old, every form of life
sparkles gone, dry from me, like feelings numb
And I'm not in touch

Like my heads tilt up, asking what I'm still doing here
worth it or not, your clothes, Ill dump them for you

God tell me, what am I doing here
Is this my path, am I supposed to stay?
Cuz lord knows me, I'm not okay

Do you even know me
My passion drives, they get the hold of me
Gone like the wind though, when you show me
That your guards up and you lack supporting me

Well - be - she's flooding now
Stream trickling - like how can I be clear now
Drawers out- haunting me with a blast from a past I hold dear to me
like I can’t let you live and be free
You see

Growth just hasn't happened here

Like you have to earn my propose
who are we even now

Ill scold you
Go be submissive now
To all of my needs, requests
Do what I say or I will throw you out

There's no other way to show you my worth
blind as night and so I shield up my heart
You've got me numbing up my plans like how
Am I going to even get myself out

out of what, depressive thoughts like who I am to me
submissive me, how?
If you don't even want life with me

Growth hasn't happened here

Shield up my heart, fxxx why'd I do that again
Let my guards down, hell you'll just play with it again
Submissive you, just come here again


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