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Rave Grave

Artist's Description
Story song celebrating 50s and 60s rock

Genre(s): Rock, Folk Rock, General Rock
Mood(s): Bright, Happy
Style(s): Party, Sixties (1960s)
Language(s): English

Rave Grave

Three handfuls of sand . . . that’s it.
They turn from the grave. Go back to the world.
I’m alone. Never thought this… No! I was told.
If only another chance. Another shot maybe.

A voice. A female voice. Hope and fear.
A panel at the side of my cell moves.
You are amongst friends.
Your own. Never fear again. Never!

She holds my hand. Slips pills into my mouth.
You believed. You believed.
Our friends, Floyd told you Great Gig in the Sky.
Did you believe this to be true? Really?

You. Who are you? Please.
You know me. You will remember me.
Think. Think. Shindig. We danced twice.
It’s all a haze. Purple?

Vinyl store. It’s the same as before.
Rip out Yesterday and Today.
Original cover. That poster in red: Warhol.
Smells of substance. It’s free here, she laughs.

Club at the Strip. Dionysus on stage.
Looks at me. Again. Smiles. Risin’. Risin’. Mr Mo…
If you believe in forever, uh, uh, rock and roll heaven.
I stole that. Sue me. Here I got a forever attorney.

Rave grave. We’re going to the rave grave.
Are you coming too? Don’t be late for the rave grave.
It’s happening at the rave grave. Rave, rave grave.
Nobody is turned away. Rave, rave grave.


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