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I don't want to be your nigga

Artist: Satanoms lunacy produced by Jammie j Burch
Artist's Description
I don't want to be your nigga

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Gangsta
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry, Cool
Style(s): Alternative
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$200.00

I don't want to be your nigga

By Satanoms lunacy produced by Jammie j Burch

I don't want to be
Your nigga
When you're zoned
You can call on
Mr stick em
I know that You're feeling
A nigga
But I'm about business
I know in love with
Mr stick em
As long as you're
In love with a real nigga
You need to get fxxxed
I know you wanna fxxx
You call on mr stick em
I'm all about business
I know you them inches
I down with multiple position
I'm down with switching
With multiple bitches
You can call on mr stick em
Your pumpin that shake
I'm down with that real weight
You know a nigga can't wait
My bitch wanna smoke a straight
She's a freak she wanna get her pussy ate
What the fxxx the esse
Gonna say
When we play
Real niggas got to paid
All them freaks gonna get laid
What else do I gotta say
I'm real
And I don't feel your cut nigga
I'm after your hoes nigga
When they fxxx
They call 9n mr stick em
If you fxxx
It's all business

That's how we get down
In the south nigga


When you're zoned
And ready
Mr stick em is on
And popping
When niggas try
To shortstop
The team will pull out their glocks
The bitches love shards
Let em swallow your cock
Nigga know the rules
Before you hit the block


Must a real nigga remind you
Always keep that thing with you
Y'all playing
With the fxxxing game
When she wanna bust
She's call on a real nigga
I don't break bread
With murder victims
I'm here to serve you
Where's that bread
Long dick
Keep a throughbred
If she's a freak
Keep her high
And let a real niggas
It's the rules
Of our lineage
I don't give a fxxx
I'm avsavage
work wrapped in paper
Don't impress a nigga
That crystal will
Make em undress nigga
I'm not that 8mpress nigga
Don't make me become
Mr stick em
I'm a bulldog
And I'll sick en
I was born as a real nigga
fxxx triggers
Let's use them nigga
We both men
Let's take a stand nigga..


When you're zoned and ready
Mr stick em
Is on and popping
When niggas try to shortstop
I'll make the call
I can't move work
By traditional means
I'll call on them freaks
When I need some green
I can't stand a ho nigga
These niggas know me a flow
Songbay gonna 0ay a nigga
For them minies
That want to fxxx
Let's smoke a crystal
And fxxx nigga
You'll loosen up
When you hit that rose
Now a nigga
Got your nose froze
I'm the wolf
When I'm feeling right
I'm demonic
And I want to live
A beautiful life
All you gotta do
Is fxxx a nigga
I don't give a fxxx
Baby let's live our life
Do you know how special
You are
We are of the chosen people
Our personals try to
Build real people
I'm not evil
I'm trying to live my life
When you wanna fxxx
You can Call on mr stick em
When you need love
I'll be a real nigga
You know
I'll always be your nigga
Through thick and thin
I'll go out and murder niggas
When you wanna fxxx
You can call on mr stick em
If he's soft
We'll protract the angles
And end that nigga
You know you can call on
Mr stick em
I'm lost
I don't want to be
A murder victim
Over sex,money
I'll murder niggas
I know you wanna fxxx bitch
Control your urges
We're trying to hit a lick
I know you wanna french
A fxxx
But bitch listen
I'm all about business


I maybe grown and sexy
But I'm all about handling business
Two bitches switching
In the matress
A far ass don't impress
A fat pussy
That's bust
Always impress a nigga
Your zoned
You got your own work
Let's run
Hit I know you're on one..


I maybe all about that bullshit
One hit she's gond
she wanna track nigga
You know
She wants to suck dick nigga
I know
I got that bitch open
You know
You'll truck off dope
Or that dough
When she wanna fxxx
She'll call on mr stick em
She's knows she's feeling
With a real nigga
She's froze
She's hit the rose
And now she's curling up her toes
Dope don't lie
It will expose
The freak inside
Nigga it's life
You better get your kind right
These hoes
Only wanna fxxx
I know
Cause I wanna fxxx
To nigga
But you know
They need that form directive
She's gone
And I have to lead
Her to water
I can't work with a simple
If you're gone
Just be honest
Let's handle business..
You know I'm a freak
And I know my digits
You know
I'm a real nigga
And I'm all about
Let's turn her out
I want that bitch
Wide open
Girl use your mouth
You know we're wide open
She's you
But she'll turn out a real nigga
When she wanna fxxx
She'll call on mr stick em
When we fxxx
She'll fall in love
With a real nogga
I know she's gone
And she wanna fxxx nigga
She's gone
And she needs to get fxxx
I'm zoned
And you know I came to fxxx nigga
It's on
And I brought zelda
She's zoned
And she wants to get
Trained up
That brain is outrageous
She's gone
She want to eat out
That bitch
She's on
Let that bitch
You know she's a freak
It's 9h
That's the bitch
That you need on the team nigga
We're hliwed
fxxx a nigga
Let's turn out his bitch

The wolf...nigga


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