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Trap on Nellis

Artist: Young Pooh3
Artist's Description
This song about my brother growing up in Las Vegas. Through a troubling lifestyle to a life of wealth.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap
Mood(s): Flowing, Introspective, Magical, Optimistic, Thoughtful
Style(s): Action Adventure, Celebration, Inspirational, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$30.00
Extended License:$240.00

Trap on Nellis

By Young Pooh3
angel in the sky type beat Baby x no cap flow

I put tats on my face
I don’t wanna take a picture
When the shooters start poppin
Flashing like who took a picture
20 racks in my backpack
I gotta put her on go
Cut off my main hoe
Yea baby u ran out of time
U won’t take what’s mine
That loui got u acting boujee
X and perks help u seduce me
How I’m kickin like I’m Bruce lee
We in the trap on Nellis
I got them onions in the stove
Swap meet for my clothes
Now I shop at the forums
size 9 don’t try to walk In my shoes
U couldn’t survive the pain I been through
I’m looking to the sky waiting on u
To send me a sign
“She sucking dick
While I drive”
That Loud got me to high
I feel like I’m on the moon
That’s my dog fasho
He blow ima blow
Slide on them niggas hiding behind the security
Shook his hand and doubled back and sent some bullets closer than a hug
My momma worried bout me
I got guns and I got Money
This foreign limo tinted
Red rag around the steering wheel
A dirty sprite mixed with some pills
This is the movie
U see me live and direct
I’m still out here on a check
I’m only keeping the best
3 gang fxxx the rest
These diamonds cutting my chest
In heaven
To my soldiers
She poppin pussy
For a nigga
That’s known
She don’t want u no more
Leave her alone
Hopefully this car can drive it self home
I see them dissing on the net
I got em in my web
Doing coke before he take a bite
It’s me, the p, we shooting dice,
While we wait for them bands, on master plan,
Went from nothing to something in a day, where I’m from we do this everyday,
don’t stop at them red lights,
watch out for them fed lights,
I put on these shades, and
I can see the opps hiding, another dream the opps dying, u don’t love me bitch stop lying, heal the pain girl stop crying, I like u just enough, this money is a must, remember we was on the bus, now every body know wssup, big bz I throw it up, by midnight she throwing up, keep this nina on me tucked.


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