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It's Halloween

Artist: Vrigid Garcia
Artist's Description
Halloween is about the night of Halloween in different prospectives.

Genre(s): Holiday, Freestyle Rap, General Hip Hop, Halloween, Black/Death Metal, Teen Pop, Horror
Mood(s): Dark, Fun, Haunting, Horror, Scary
Style(s): Danger, Death, Halloween, Horror/Thriller
Language(s): English

It's Halloween

By Vrigid Garcia
It's Halloween
Baby, don't you see
It's happening
Baby, don't you feel
It's that time of year when we create all creepy things
All that creeekkkk creeekkk creeekkkk
Don't you hear that squeak coming from that creek
Looking at the other side I see that creep hearing a beep beep beep
Making me cry help help help
Baby, ain't nobody coming
Nope nope nope
Making the killer laugh
Ha ha ha Ha ha ha Ha ha
Magician making his trick
Tara ah ah tara ah ah

Papi it's Halloween
Don't you wanna be
Don't you wanna see
All those little kids strolling down the street
Thinking who's the next to be trick or treating
My eyes lift up, can't tell if someone's eating
Thinking about fearing of screaming
Making my life a little steamy
Wanting someone to hear me
His laugh somewhere near me
Ha ha ha Ha ha ha Ha ha
Magician making his trick
Tara ah ah tara ah ah

It's Halloween
Making the night hollow
Sounds like it's saying hello
It's creepy


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