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Messy As Fuck

Artist: Garen Fountain
Artist's Description
A song about breaking up with someone who moves on too fast

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Pop, Pop-Punk
Mood(s): Aggressive, Dark
Style(s): Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Standard License:$125.00
Extended License:$250.00

Messy As Fuck

By Garen Fountain
Once upon a time
Basically yesterday
You were longing after
Your prince charming
But you were just so stubborn
I needed to breathe
Suddenly you ended the chapter
And then just stopped writing
Fast forward
A few months later
You pick up the pen
I know you’ll never forget
What’s been done or said
Call it whatever you want
Ill never stop writing fables
With underlying truths
That should be brought to the table

fxxx your fairytales
fxxx your lies of true love
Your life’s not some happy ever after
Your just being messy as fxxx
Projecting and chaotic
Your just messy as fxxx
You didn’t find true love
Your just being messy as fxxx

So is your new book about
How you were
Heartbroken after a break up
Finding the one
And manifesting true love
Is it some self-help garbage
Filled with empowering bullshit
About being your best self
With a workout plan, new diet and mindset

After it’s all said and done
And you’ve finished your series
After all your trips and tours
Once you stop finessing
The only ones who bought your lies
Are just as messy
Blind leading the blind
The bad kind of crazy
Messy as fxxx
A true crime story


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