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All I've ever wanted...

Artist: Michelle Morris
Artist's Description
To love and be loved in return is what most people seek in life... Love is the greatest power and can cause the greatest heartbreak.

Genre(s): Rock, Indie, Love Songs, Pop Vocals, Soul, Classic Rock, Soft Rock, Film Soundtrack, Musicals/Broadway
Mood(s): Anthemic, Complex, Introspective, Romantic, Thoughtful
Style(s): Ballad, Broadway Musicals, Eighties (1980s), Inspirational
Language(s): English
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Extended License:$100.00

All I've ever wanted...

By Michelle Morris
Words come easily to me;
I wish they'd come
Easily for you too;
But maybe the reason
Is that I'm not the
One you'd choose
In any given lifetime...

Maybe I was just lucky
To have those moments
With you;
      (Those moments with you...)
Moments so short but
Meaningful to me...
       (Meaningful to me...)

'Cos all I've ever wanted
Is someone to love me,
Someone to choose me,
Someone to stay...

'Cos all I've ever wanted
Is someone to love me,
Someone to choose me,
Someone to stay...
Always and forever...
      (Always and forever...) 
(end chorus)

Words come so easily to me,
But words are never enough to
Convey the feelings,
The feelings I've learned
You can't trust...

Because feelings lead to
When love walks away...
       (Love walks away...)
Walks away for good...
        (Away for good...)


But hey, it's alright,
And it's okay...
        (It's alright, baby... it's okay...)

Because at least I know
I've had love,
And even if love isn't enough,
I'm free... Free to
Choose love again and again...
        (I'm free... So free...)


Always and forever...
      (Always and forever...)


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