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God What's Your Number

Artist: Lifeless Squad
Artist's Description
I write deep, heart touching, and real life stories.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Pop
Mood(s): Angry, Confused, Hate, Mournful, Sad
Style(s): Confusion, Death, Druggy, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$80.00
Extended License:$200.00

God What's Your Number

By Lifeless Squad
God what’s your number, I think I got it wrong
I need to call you, can’t you ever be on my side
I feel empty inside
I feel like my story is put on a shelf where it doesn’t belong
I have been living off of pain for so long
My closest are the ones to deceive me so I just play along

Maybe my parents were right when they wished I was born dead or committed suicide
Even though I did all I could to make them satisfied
My hands were free, but how did they make them feel tied
Anything I try to do I was the first to be disqualified
As a kid I was raised to be a picture without a sound
Now that I’m rich, they want me back and everything I said I lied
These nightmares wake me up in the middle of the night horrified
How do you expect me to let it slide?
I’m sorry, but this pain has got my heart ossified

I’m afraid of happiness and this pain has got me occupied
My therapist trying every med to get my pain to subside
I don’t belong in this world no matter how hard I tried
Even the only one I loved the most has died
God why didn’t you take me with him in that ride
God I need your number, it’s been a day and he hasn’t replied
God what’s your number, he was the only one you sent to me and stayed by my side


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