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Artist: Rhyming Stories And Dreams
Artist's Description
These lyrics are about all the climate change weather conditions going on in American.

Genre(s): Country, Rock, Alternative Country, Soft Rock
Mood(s): Bitter, Dramatic, Hard, Haunting, Sad
Style(s): Heartbreak, Nature/Science/Cultural, Story, TV Drama
Language(s): English
Standard License:$200.00
Extended License:$400.00


By Rhyming Stories And Dreams
Written By Barry Hanner.

Verse 1
My Heart Just Exploded
Watching my house burn up in flames.
Who's the piro lighting all these fires
All five hundred of them all look the same.

My Heart Just Exploded
Watching my whole life burn up today.
I'm now looking into the eyes of my family
And I can't find anything else to say.

Verse 2
My Heart Just Exploded
Watching my home just float away.
Where's the son of a bitch that made us work overtime
Working a double shift for the last seven days.

My Heart Just Exploded
Looking at my neighborhood flooded by six foot of rain.
Who the hell have me these stupid directions
To the high school's gymnasium.

Darling I can't find you
There's to many people in this place.
Your all stand under that big painting
Yeah the rocket in outer space.
Daddy we losted all our puppies
And we also losted momma blue.
"My Heart Just Exploded"
When they said we losted grandma and grandpa too.

Bridge/ Middle Section

Verse 3
Just look at all these poor people
Who just losted everything.
The noise in here is over whelming
I can't hear a thing.

There's a few people I know over there
In the middle of the crowd.
I've been trying to get their attention
But the noise here is really to loud.

Verse 4
They just handed out food, water and blankets
And playing all the bad news on TV.
Again "My Heart Just Exploded"
When I seen all the flooding in our city.

"My Heart Just Exploded"
When I seen the rest of my family walk in.
They were all heart broken about our grand parents
Minus two we we're all back together again.

We looked for grandma and grandpa for hours
But their home was completely gone
We went searching around the whole area
But there was no sign of them
"My Heart Just Exploded"
When my son spotted our grandparents across the room.
We all fought threw the crowd to get to them
And they were surprised to see us too.
They saved our little kids puppies
When they came by to warn us too.
They seen us pull away without the puppies
And Without Momma Blue Too.

"My Heart Just Exploded"
When they said I left all the puppies to.
"My Heart Just Exploded"
When I almost left Momma Blue too.


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