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Artist: Tyzz
Artist's Description
These lyrical rap peoms are not like any other.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive, Bitter, Complex, Dark
Style(s): Alternative, Confusion, Desire, Druggy
Language(s): English


By Tyzz
I really want to write
But I can barely think
I just sit in this chair
And let my body sink..
Just hate to be alone..
Men's room sniffin clear off of my phone
No one ever wants to throw me a bone..
Man this shit really stink..
My friends wanna roam..
Somethin aint right it's obvious and known
Maybe it's the pen
Could just be the ink
Somethin is wrong..
Maybe it's the meds from my shrink
I just take another hit from the bong..
Man I really wish I could write this song..
Where do people like me belong..
I gotta be mean
I gotta be strong
On this lonely road
On my way home
I know someday it won't be long..
I know somehow I'll get in my..


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