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Artist: Garen Fountain
Artist's Description
A song about rejecting a creepy dude

Genre(s): Electronica/Dance, Club Dance, Electro
Mood(s): Bouncy, Confident, Dancing
Style(s): Inspirational, Nightclub
Language(s): English,French,German,Spanish
Standard License:$500.00
Extended License:$1,000.00


By Garen Fountain
Ladies have you ever had a boy buzz around you
Like you’re the queen to his hive
But your honey not bumble
Don’t know what to do
When he won’t take a hint and has no clue
vete a la mierda
Oh sorry you don’t speak Spanish?
Verpiss dich
No not German

Trying not to be rude
But your not getting the message
And you won’t go away
I don’t we speak the same language

My mama taught me to always be nice
Unless their creepy and aggressive
If I’ve said no 3 times
Of course I’m gunna be a bitch
Back up that’s enough
You’ve tested my patience
Can you really not see
We’re speaking a different language

You can say it’s my fault because
All sexy and done up but
It’s my right if I want to look hot and go to the club
Trying hard with all this
voulez vous que che avec moi
Is that you attempt at being cultured
Mr Lady Marmalade

I’m done being polite
You’ve run out of chances
Why you giving me French
When I pressed 1 for English

Your clearly confused
Think your confident
But heres the truth
You define desperate
No means no
Do you need a thesaurus
Not now not ever
How can I make it more clear
Honestly though
How do you not understand
We obviously don’t speak
The same language


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