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Bask in my Glory

Artist: Mandy Vinson
Artist's Description
"Don't fear don't worry, but bask in my Glory, I've got big plans for you"

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious, Alternative Country, Christian Pop, General Christian
Mood(s): Joyous, Optimistic, Positive
Style(s): Celebration, Inspirational/Christian
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$150.00

Bask in my Glory

By Mandy Vinson
Verse 1:
When times get hard
And waters get deep
Mistakes are made
Prices are paid
It's time to hit my knees
Chorus Intro:
But what will he say
About my sinful ways
Will he ignore my call
Not answer at all
Instead he said
Chorus 1X:
Don't fear, don't worry
But bask in my glory
I'm going to see you through
Just trust in my word
And trek on forward
I've got big plans for you
Verse 2:
I am afraid
From the choices I make
My chance I will take
My life's no mistake
Through him I am brave
Chorus 1X
I trust in the lord
With all my heart
I know that he
Is never far
He trusts in me
To play my part
That he has written
In the stars


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