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Artist: Wendell Adriel
Artist's Description
This song is the #5 song of a Concept Album I designed called: The Bend of Time.
This lyric was heavily inspired by Something in the Way - Nirvana.
If you want to work with all the lyrics of the Album or know more about the album concept, I offer to consult to help create the songs if needed.

Genre(s): Rock, Soundtrack, Grunge, Progressive Rock, General Soundtrack
Mood(s): Calm, Melancholic, Slow, Tension, Thoughtful
Style(s): Alternative, Heartbreak, Nineties (1990s), Nostalgic
Language(s): English
Extended License:$150.00


By Wendell Adriel
Memories of the past
Days that passed so fast
Things that I left behind
But always come back to my mind

Scars the time made
And changed my fate
Paths the time bend
That I’ll follow until the end

I like these scars
They remind me of the stars
Late at night I used to see
Remind how those days were good for me


But I’ll keep dreaming
With a day there’s no one crying
A day that I can really live
And in the true love believe


That I’ll follow until the end


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