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Don’t give up

Artist: Wendell Adriel
Artist's Description
This song is heavily inspired by VNV Nation sound and lyrics.
When I think of the melody, it would be something calm, but with a flowing rhythm.

Genre(s): Pop, Electro, General Electronic, General Rock
Mood(s): Calm, Dramatic, Flowing, Introspective, Thoughtful
Style(s): Dramatic Soundtrack, Humanity, Inspirational, TV Themes
Language(s): English
Extended License:$125.00

Don’t give up

By Wendell Adriel
I don't know how to feel
I just feel ashamed
For all the things that I did wrong
I'm the only one to blame

All the things that you heard
That made you feel blue
Don't grab on them forever
You're stronger than you think you are

So please don't give up
Of all your dreams
Keep this joy whenever
The storm comes through

Don't you understand
The call came from above
Is even anything up there
Or my mind is getting torn


No, don't give up
Life can be cruel (Don't give up)
No, don't give up
But you can get it through (Don't give up)
No, don't give up
You don't need to feel blue (Don't give up)
No, don't give up
I'm here for you too (Don't give up)

So please don't give up


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