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Artist: Wendell Adriel
Artist's Description
This song is the #2 song of a Concept Album I designed called: The Bend of Time.
All the lyrics are heavily inspired by Pink Floyd style.
If you want to work with all the lyrics of the Album or know more about the album concept, I offer to consult to help create the songs if needed.

Genre(s): Rock, Electro, Progressive Rock, General Soundtrack
Mood(s): Aggressive, Complex, Dramatic, Tension, Thoughtful
Style(s): Action Adventure, Alternative, Dramatic Soundtrack, Psychedelic
Language(s): English
Extended License:$150.00


By Wendell Adriel
Sailing the fate
A raging and wild sea
Without any clue of what to expect
Or what we will see

Some say we can not run
Neither trick the unknown
But hey, what do they know
If they only lived without any fun

Day after day
Our life just fades away
Do we have any chance
Other than looking our fate from the fence


Now let’s not pretend
We don’t want any amend
To choose or be chosen
Our fate is not over



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