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Letter from the sea to Beirut - 2020

Artist: Georges Dwailibi
Artist's Description
Lyrics showing the admiration for Beirut city, through its glorious moments and its hard time crisis’.

Genre(s): Classical/Orchestral, World, Contemporary Era, General Easy Listening
Mood(s): Peaceful, Positive, Romantic, Sad, Sweet
Style(s): History Channel, Humanity, Inspirational, Peace
Language(s): English
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Letter from the sea to Beirut - 2020

By Georges Dwailibi
?? Letter from the sea to Beirut - 2020
I was supposed to have dinner with you tonight, but you didn’t wait too long
Strange, you, the city with 5000 years of age
Couldn’t wait for me to be on your stage
With 5000 years, are you old ? too old ?
No you are not, not at all lyrics showing the admiration for Beirut city through it’s glorious moments and its hard time crisis’
You are younger than me
And one of the prettiest cities on this sea
While the Roman Empire chose you to be the center of their law school thousands years ago,
Now in 2020, some of us, preferred to pull you down and low
You did cry, yes I know, I saw you doing that over the shore
Go ahead cry, I’ll send you some waves
To clear all tears from your face
Yes Beirut, I know that you trust me more than you trust anyone else
Me the sea, I’m your only loyal friend
Who’ll remain with you until the end?
End of what? You know no end,
There’s no end for you
Your 5000 years are far from any end
I’ll come to visit you every day!
I may not be able to bring you any flower
But; I have for you some pearls
To make you a nice necklace, all around your neck.
A Necklace that you can wear during your glamorous nights,
Or even, in your melancholic moments.
Your streets’ odorat tells your entire story!

©Mireille Dawalibi/Georges Dwailibi


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