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Raised to be blind

Artist: Elena
Artist's Description
I've wrote this song based on how the system we live in affects us as human beings.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap
Mood(s): Dramatic, Hard, Sad
Style(s): Heartbreak, Humanity
Language(s): English

Raised to be blind

By Elena
Life is a question without an answer for living
All that I know it's that we keep fighting to stop this feeling.

Find a reason to live
Struggle to get up
Fight to get to the top
"But how can I when I'm raised to be blind?"
I keep falling, now i'm covered in dust
My shadow is watching me, asking "how pathetic can you be?"
I got my eyes covered
And it's not just the dust
It's pain and blood
Watching how we keep stepping on each others like nobody counts
Time is passing swallowing the truth
My voice is caged deep inside dancing on an empty beat
Wishpering outside "I'm just a kid."
I keep asking myself what's the worth of life
Since i'm being raised to be blind, to start looking on the other side, to keep my head in the ground
I'm losing my breath, my faith and control
My soul's hurting inside "I can't do this anymore"


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