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Artist: Satanoms lunacy produced by Jammie j Burch
Artist's Description
That big shit.. that big flip

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Foreign Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry
Style(s): Action Adventure, Alternative, Death
Language(s): English
Standard License:$15.00
Extended License:$200.00


By Satanoms lunacy produced by Jammie j Burch

4 door
All profit
Like Im Ali phofet
When niggas shortstop
It's on and popping
Call me jiffy
I love to pop
Getting dome from your bitch..
While she swallows a shard..
When niggas pump and run
When send an all out blitz
We stack chips off that whip
And pop in clips.
If your bitch wants to fuck
We might slide off with that bitch...
When her friend
Wants to switch
They'll pop in a twisty.
They love to eat pussy
When they're zoned
Off crystal...


what you scared for
It's only pussy..
She's down for whatever
That bitch popped in a twisty
That bitch brought Molly
And her homegirl too.
They came to get fucked
They why them bitches choose
Hitting the drop out the rose bowl
Now she's working a pole
If she's all about dough
Bitch go get me
Some more..
She's g.t.g.
That's means good to go...
What you scared for
Nigga let's get this paper
Pussy sells itself
Nigga make her go out get it..

Verse:female part:

Sex on the beach..
Pool boys in Cabo.
Getting smashed in the Hamptons
Taking nudes in France
Call me 69 nigga
Off a little liquor.
I love to ride dick.
And switch with a bitch .
Fuck a lame nigga
I'm about my change..
I'm grinding in the coup
And I'm switching lanes..
You might feel
That reach
Nigga cover up
You might get your coverage
From that bump and run.
You'll never stop
My profit
From that ready rock...

Male part:

If you fuck up my knot
I'm gonna pull out that Glock.
Nigga I'm paid and I'm gonna stay that way..
I can't lay up
In the sheets and fuck all day..
Real Niggas point and squeeze
Now your ass is deceased
That sawed off action
Will knock your ass of your feet..
You should know
The ins and outs
Before you bring them out..
We might send the blitz
Or run the zone.
Even in man
We can hold our own.
The monsters are on the prowl..
Wearing more than a scowl
They'll make you
Throw in the towel.
Hitting that nigga
With that mechanical
We'll run through your team
Like we're running the option.
You want to shortstop
We'll take that action..
All you see is clear faces
Exiting out of truck.
What you scared for
Niggas it's only paper..
Dope sell itself..
Now nigga let's get it..


What you scared for
Nigga it's only pussy..
I'm down for whatever
Nigga finger that twisty.
A bitch brought Molly
And her homegirl too.
I came to get fucked .
That why I choose..
Hitting the work out the rose.
Now I'm working that pole..
I'm all about
That dough..
Nigga give me some more
I'm g.t.g
That means I'm good to go
What you scared for
Let's get this paper..
Dope sells itself
Now nigga let's get it(2):


Nigga what you scared for
It's only pussy.
Nigga what you scared for
Let's get this paper.
Nigga what your scared for
I'm good to go
Nigga what you scared for
Let's go and out and
Get it..

The wolf..nigga..


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