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Big Bad

Artist: Notes
Artist's Description
Note how not everyone is bad. How we all can be seen negative to another through a mistake creating a tit for tat mentality. In this way, we all have been the big bad to someone else.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Easy Listening, Ambient/Dream Pop, General Pop
Mood(s): Dark, Dreamy, Floating, Haunting, Hypnotic
Style(s): Alternative, Dramatic Soundtrack
Language(s): English

Big Bad

By Notes
Written 7/4/2018
Big Bad

The big bad - might just rattle your bones
When the strong. get. quiet.
The whole world feels the silence.

Big bad
(long) uhhh huh
Big bad
(Short) uh huh
Big bad

Just another long week
Watching them all speak
Put some notes on and shut em out
Just blink and shut it down
These demons don't scare me
Oh no
(H)and the dark don't make me spook
But I've runaway
From some of things,
That man can surely do

And who da thought


Verse 2

Who says I'm good?
Who says I'm bad?
I don't want to fill your heart
With some - false ex-pec-tat-ions
Oh what about the ones
Pointing the fingers?
With the same - blame - game
Brother always said
Loudest in the room
Is guilty to assume

Wadda ya know


Might just cup your tears
There ain't no. use. denying.
When the whole world drowns from cryin'

He's the big bad
She's the big bad
They the big bad
(Uh huh)
You the big bad
I'm the big bad
You want the big bad?
(Long)(uhhh huh)
I'll be the big bad
(Short)(uh huh)
Now I'm the big bad
Big bad
(Short)(uh huh)

Big bad


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