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And Then...

Artist: Garen Fountain
Artist's Description
A song about waking up and having a wild night you want to tell everyone about

Genre(s): Pop, General Pop
Mood(s): Futuristic, Hypnotic, Strange, Thoughtful
Style(s): Mystery
Language(s): English
Standard License:$500.00
Extended License:$1,000.00

And Then...

By Garen Fountain
And then it starts
Morning sun, snooze button
fxxxing 9-5
But I want a roof
And fridge full of food
I’ve got to work to survive
Cant help but wonder
In the back of my mind
Is there another way
To live life life life

And then im going through the phases
Every day and every night
Until my obsession with wondering
Blew a fuse in my mind
Feels like I flipped a switch
And then it all began to click
One by one it all made sense
And then and then and then….

And then the sun sets
And the night comes to life
Moons a disco ball
Stars strobe lights
I’m lit baby lit
Like the fire in your eyes
No more anticipating
It’s finally arrived
And then and then and then and then
We dance all night

Covered in sweat
Don’t know if it’s yours or mine
I love it when you lick my neck
Feeling disconnected from time
You love everything you get
If you live an honest life

Moonlight to sunrise
We watch the stars and then the sun shine
In a trance hypnotized
Fountain of youth in my mind
All I wanna do is dance all night


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