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Artist: Blue Lagoon
Artist's Description
Background Info: Overcoming betrayal from those you trusted most following an incident.

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious, Soundtrack, Emo, General Country, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Dramatic, Heavy, Joyous, Sad
Style(s): Dramatic Soundtrack, Inspirational/Christian, Story, Triumph
Language(s): English
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By Blue Lagoon
Verse 1
Bound in shackles
Struggled with failures
Prisoner of my past
Trapped in sin
Self-neglect, became incompetent
Cards declined, closed account
Major depression got me at hell’s door
Anti-ADHD meds, stripped the brain
Insomnia, pain exacerbates
Now they call me illiterate, go figure
The devil’s lies’ loud
Says I’ll never make it, not now

But then you called my name
Heavy chains were broken
Shame and regret faded
Torch in the darkest hours
I have been redeemed
Yes, I have found God
He has set me free (2x)
I have been restored

Dead inside, walking amongst the living
They see you breathing and assume you’re alive
Meanwhile your soul is dying, Yes, I’ve been crying
Never church hopped, I know you hate me
But you are taking it too far
Been wandering and wondering
If I will ever feel whole, do you know?
You seem to know my ins, my out
My heart, my soul, my thoughts, do let me know
Cause I need to glow, I am made of gold

Verse 2
Tired of staring in the mirror
Calling out my name
To connect with self but she’s silent
Aren’t we one of the same
Depersonalization got them questioning
My authenticity
What happened to her?

She must have been molested, raped, no abused!
Molested? No.
Well she lies, she’s fake, she must have alters
She’s a whole vignette, definitely got something
Mommy issues, child-like, soul ties
Something isn’t right, she needs deliverance

Jesus, God, the holy spirit?
Nah, she’s a patient, needs a mental institution
Whatever, she needs help and to leave
She’s a menace, unstable, pretentious
She's trouble
Throw the whole girl away, she needs all of it
The devil’s lies loud
I got lost, trying to find my way

Verse 3
Distorted sense of time, detached from self
Seems unreal, am I even real?
Numb emotions and bodily senses
Altered perceptions, late night visitations
Maybe you're right, but then again
If it’s all due to trauma, why did it disappear
Shortly after prayer, during exorcism, will it reappear?
Help me understand bc it’s more complex
Just because you don’t believe
Doesn’t make it false
Just because I fell in the trap
Make it make sense
Spirituality can’t simply be understood by your intellect
The devil’s lies loud


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