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I am here

Artist: Weaam
Artist's Description
Behind every wrench .. success and a struggle do not give up your up on the cloud

Genre(s): Pop, Ambient/Dream Pop, Piano, Christian Pop, General Pop
Mood(s): Confident, Light, Optimistic, Positive
Style(s): Future, Story
Language(s): English,Korean

I am here

By Weaam
I wasn't created to live as a normal human being

I am glad to make you believe in strength

I know I am not one of
Disney's heroes

But I am really a brave fighter

My sword made it from My missteps
My shield I made from my tears
My strength has a strong foundation
My strength is made of pain and challenges

My borders aren't the ground
My border is sky blue

I'm Here
I breathe
I Fight

I hid my tears
I hid my screams

I Deserve a life like pure water

The strength of my dreams isn't fragile
I am still fighting and I won't stop

I will always fight my destiny to get the best destiny

I was not created to live as a normal person

I am a friend of the sun
Rainbow friend
A friend of strength and persistence
I'll fight yes I'll fight
I wasn't created to live as a normal person


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