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My Disorder

Artist: Garen Fountain
Artist's Description
An honest song about someone who struggles with mental health working on themselves

Genre(s): Pop, Acoustic Pop
Mood(s): Dreamy, Introspective, Optimistic, Proud
Style(s): Humanity
Language(s): English
Extended License:$1,000.00

My Disorder

By Garen Fountain
Everything was out of balance
I had fucked up patterns
Has anyone else felt
Like their brain was scattered
Scared to go public
What’s with this cancel culture
People make mistakes
Why should a bad phase of my past
Ruin my whole future
I’ve learned so much
I’ve worked so hard on my character
I hope a bad moment in my past
Won’t make you judge me forever

I’m sorry you got hurt
By what left my mouth
I’m sorry were still broken
Because of my mental health

Just know
I’ve worked hard on my disorder
I’ll never be the same
But I’ve put a lot back together
Normal things feel strange
Im stuck in a state of wonder
I won’t tell you all the horrors
That I suffered
Just know
I’ve worked really hard
On my disorder

I know I’m not alone
I know I suffer alongside others
We all have kinda something
We’re all at least a little bothered
That’s why it’s hard to keep focus
On fixing mine because it’s more intense
I have to learn to function with
Those who are allowed to get away with theirs

Words lost meanings
They just became sounds
I’m sorry I was so aggressive
And just threw them around
I questioned everything
Inside and out
I’m so grateful I learned
To understand for myself


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