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Daj Mi Buzi

Artist: Garen Fountain
Artist's Description
A flirty song about meeting someone new

Genre(s): Electronica/Dance, Electro, Electronica
Mood(s): Dancing, Fun
Style(s): Desire
Language(s): English
Extended License:$1,000.00

Daj Mi Buzi

By Garen Fountain
Daj Mi Buzi
Were the words he used
To seduce me
In the heat of the night
His passion fueled me
Didn’t care if I looked like a mess
Didn’t care who saw me
It was all over when he whispered

Daj Mi Buzi
His hands gripped my hips
Feeling all the feels
Flowing through me
Daj Mi Buzi
Sounds like heaven in my ears
And you’re the definition of beauty
Daj Mi Buzi

I bet he’s traveled the world
Passport pages filled
Cultured as fuck
With serious sex appeal
Says he speaks Polish
French Spanish and a bit Japanese
And I died when he said
He’s going to learn English for me

Eyes a window
See right through me
Foreign language
But felt like you knew me
Heart bleeds I’m trembling
Feeling naked
With my heart on my sleeve
Can’t believe
What those three little words
Have done to me
Daj Mi Buzi
Daj Mi Buzi


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