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I Play This

Artist: Cashmere
Artist's Description
This song is about pursuing your goals.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop, General Rap
Mood(s): Bouncy, Determined, Hard
Style(s): Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$117.00

I Play This

By Cashmere
Verse 1

I was out for the thrill
Now I'm over here content

Couldn’t capture the still
How fast the fun came and went

Ohh I met a lot of women
But my heart I'll never dent

Had love for many women
But it really wasn't meant

I wanted dimes they wanted dollas
We weren't heaven sent

After I mastered my game
I adjusted for perfection

With pleasure and pain
They all looked in my direction

Then after I left them all in awe
Ain't like some stares that ii saw

Two halves of a whole
All the same
These cards I hold

Players left the table
When I flipped my royal flush

All they had was a pair
Swear my method I'll never Share

Got up early and grinded for it
It didn't appear outta thin air

That’s why I can't accept a no
When yes is only fair

I can rock the rhythm
Freak the melody everywhere

Make them wave their hands
In the air like they don’t care

I play this day by day
Gotta plot gotta execute
So smooth, finessing, with my game on
Swag absolute

Verse 2

Put on a good show
Before you exit stage left

Over here thinking
How the day should Go

I play life from the first
To last breath

Couldn't leave the galaxy
To change the energy around me

Don’t get cursed
Playing the game wrong

I went harder
Had to stay strong

Went for the long game
Cuz the games long

I asked the universe
to let my storm rage on

Feeling good, not too bad off
Still putting gold chains on

Got a heart full of fire
While I laugh at their fury

I play this day by day
Gotta plot gotta execute
So smooth, finessing, with my game on, and swag absolute

Verse 3

I'll bring a tornado not a drizzle
Cuz that's the way to do it

Bring it plain and simple not a riddle
I thought you knew it

Taught to win
Break down what's against you

Life’s a test with no notes
Stay true to who's with you

Again and again
I draw out plans with no stencil

Got tattoos on my spirit
Staying afloat

I go n groove with the flow
Cautious cuz you never really know

And I promise to swim
If we hit rock bottom below

Enemies can't wait to say I got him
Yeah I know

To all my people, yeah I changed
You gotta grow

Use to think of nothing
But the doe

You gave respect
I hope you getting it too

If you are
You probably reaping what you sow

And since the best become the elect
I grind, ever so caution though


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