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Life's kinda crazy

Artist: All sorts
Artist's Description
This song is blues style with slot of back up singers to emphasize points

Genre(s): World, Blues Rock, Country Blues, Rockabilly, Contemporary Folk, Freestyle Rap, General Rock
Mood(s): Calm, Cool, Dark, Eerie, Fast
Style(s): Action Adventure, Alternative
Language(s): English

Life's kinda crazy

By All sorts
Life's kinda crazy!
Dame it's hard,
Makes me wanna go
In my room and (lock my door)
Can you see the sirens?
Been (running from the law)
Screaming someone shoot me I can't take it no more!
Go hide in your duvet
Cause you don't (wanna see the sun)
Wondering round In circles asking (where I went wrong.)
See life is a journey .
Do you dare take a step?
Would like to see you get far if you (ain't got no help.)
So come on teacher (tell me. )[ reverb whisper]
(Show me what you know)


Cause I have no idea what I'm a do when I go!
Will I be a rockstar or end up laying in my bed.
Unemployed just claiming wasting every Penny l get !
I'd I get a job (will the money be enough)
To put food in my mouth! and pay the( bills every month ?)
Life can be amazing.
If you know (where to start.)
Tidy up your act you gotta face em you chump.
Can you hear em( laughing,)
At (what you've done.)
Got to pick your face up from down on the floor.
Don't let em use you
Don't pretend (your the only one.)
Looking at your mobile thinking they should have called.
Some people are greedy
Don't show regret.
Back stabbing naracistic lying pieces of shit.
So come on (what's your story.)
Try to (prove me wrong ?)
Don't act stupid you know exactly what's going on.
Heaven know your no angel sweety just save it .


V,,3 speed up
If I get a job I know exactly what's I'll do.,
Save up every bit to buy a place for two .
It's what we all dream in some sort of way
But your gonna be working till your old an gray.
Slowly count the hours how it's such a waste
Making all that paper while you whither away.

Love be kind love be cruel don't let yourself be used your not a fool.
Those little moments they are the best you should live with no regrets.

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