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Look at me

Artist: Weaam
Artist's Description
When you choose the wrong person do not be sad .. Your beautiful life awaits you

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Bitter, Cool, Fun, Optimistic
Style(s): Fashion, Future, Lindy-Hop
Language(s): English,Korean

Look at me

By Weaam
If you If You Yah

If you think that I cannot
breathe without you then you are definitely thinking from your damn ass my bab.

Look at me
Look at me

I enjoy an ideal life

Look at me
Look at me

A life free from your wine cup.

Look at me
Look at me.

My health looks very good without your control

Get away, far away,
Your looks no longer tempt me

Get away. Come back Where you came from
Your tears no longer weaken me.

Go away. Get away from me. Your arms are no longer a safe home for me.

Look at me last time

Look at my graceful body for the last time

I'll disappear and you won't find a replacement

You'll search for me in the streets tell people about me like crazy person

You'll only see me in your dreams .
You want to kiss me, but I am just a pink dream, dear,

A dream that will never be your reality


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