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Ready rock 82

Artist: Satanoms lunacy produced by Jammie j Burch
Artist's Description
I beat a bitch down slow..

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Gangsta
Mood(s): Aggressive
Style(s): Action Adventure, Diwali
Language(s): English
Standard License:$37.50
Extended License:$125.00

Ready rock 82

By Satanoms lunacy produced by Jammie j Burch
Hey little nigga...
I'm speaking the truth..
When we slide through
Your bitches hop in the coup.

Talking about blowed
They done left the planet.
When they talk about Janet .
They don't don't understand it.

I don't give a fuck
A niggas in love..
When we fuck
It's fits like a glove nigga.

I'm that don
Till the early morn
When you yarn
I'll get it on .
Call me beat down
I'm being a real
Call me mr
Stick em
I'm here to get with you..
Call it plenty of dick
Bitch is that enough
When you need to fuck..
Girl say what's up .
When niggas want to bust
You'll kick your legs up
Pre packaged and assessed
Now that's what's up..

When a nigga starts against the team..
Call him akeem
But the dream will come in..
It's on and Poppin
This bitch will shortstop
I'm Ozzie
Plus this bitch will shortstop
I'll cock that slide..
Them niggas ain't ready
I'm matchbup
With a nigga named
I'm gone Rick with my Betty
Call me barneyy
My stones are ready..
ready rock my delievers on time..
When I call


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