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Artist: Lee Spadez
Artist's Description
These lyrics are inspired by recent events with the death of an Afro American at the hands of police brutality and the riots that devastated many honest hard working businesses and families. This is my general words on the matter.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Soundtrack, Hardcore Rap, Underground Rap, Film Soundtrack
Mood(s): Aggressive, Cool, Determined, Hard
Style(s): Danger, Dramatic Soundtrack, Espionage, Psychedelic
Language(s): English
Standard License:$300.00
Extended License:$500.00


By Lee Spadez
X1. They say im old enough to know better, yet I'm young enough not to give a fuck. Been juggling expectations until my intuition had finally struck. While avoiding loose lips and poser lioness, I was exasperated as a prophet. So I decided to kill em with the sound of silence. Living a nomadic lifestyle because of a background that keeps haunting me. My open wounds left me lachrymose which directed various entities. Even in my sleep I would see those nameless faces. Been pacing myself mainly due to my depleted patience. Folks anticipate that I might become a mental patient. It's constant friction from institutions and alleged relatives. Probable that they're all seeking to damage my development. I'm hesitant knowing of their acerbic conglomerate. They need a host to fuel their parasitic empty existence. Build up anger and resentment gave birth to these gelastic spewed sentences. So now my confidence is trenchant in this very instant. No apologies accepted these refining fires are fully expected.

X2. Fed dogma to play the hamster on the spinning wheel, but i knew the deal. In the jungle its either kill or be killed. My genetic talents turned out to be applicable skills. Hence the term in the real world real recognize real. Abnegation eating at me, time demanding some celerity. Looking in the mirror all I see is a monstrosity. Seeking some solution from the vicinal pollutions, my continuous arrogance became rather propitious. I developed a perspicacious sense for living carelessly. Yet arbitrarily I was removing unwanted rubiginous personalities. Subtly strengthing myself against any social dissonance. Through rigorous mental training i developed a sturdy tolerance. Now when institutions want to clinically diagnose, i let them know. I can now kill them softly with my adagio. I was born to win fuck niggas yea i was born to win. I say it again fuck nigga yea i was born to win.


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