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Artist: Rhyming Stories And Dreams
Artist's Description
It's about a man who's madly in love with his girlfriend over seas fighting for our country about ready to come home.

Genre(s): Country, Easy Listening, Alternative Country, Love Songs
Mood(s): Anxious, Dreamy, Happy, Joyous, Romantic
Style(s): Ballad, Inspirational, Patriotic, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$200.00
Extended License:$400.00


By Rhyming Stories And Dreams
Written By Barry Hanner

Verse 1
Baby Girl, I'm really nervous about sending these song lyrics
But I promised so I'll post them right away
I'm really concern about sending them over the internet
But I promised so I'll send them anyway.

I'll send them soon as possible
I hope you love what I had to say
With open arms I'll be here waiting
For you to come home soon one day.

Verse 2
I hope no one intercepts my heartfelt message
The very first song lyric I wrote for you
When you come home serving for our country
We'll add some music and some singing too.

With a open heart I will be here waiting
For that wonderful day when you come back home again
When you land there hugs, kisses and flowers
And I'll even kiss the ground as soon as you walk in.

Verse 3
Baby Girl, I'm going love you forever
From the first moment that we meet
I'm going to stand by your side forever
Even if I have to crawl on my hands and knees.

In this crazy world we have no assurances
But together our love will make it through
I'm a affectionate and I'm a gentleman
And I'll be here in Nashville waiting for you.

Verse 4
My relentless heart keeps pushing me to tell you
Just exactly how I feel
When my little hairs stood up on my arms I knew exactly
Exactly how I really feel.

I'm standing alone here waiting in a America
Waiting for "My War Face Hero" to come home
I look at all your pics and I see a Beautiful Angel
Baby Girl, I can't wait until your flight touches down.

Baby Girl I'm still worried
About the time left you got to do
I keep worrying about all of those hidden dangers
And I already know of all the hell you all been through.
Baby Girl, You Are My Hero
And Baby Girl You Always Will
My open heart keeps pounding more that ever
"Every Time I Think Of You".

"Every Time I Think Of You"

Bridge / Middle Section

Verse 5
Baby Girl, I'm still really nervous
Because I just posted your new song lyrics today
Now after they approve it we will copyright it
So you can see your new song lyrics right away.

Look for Rhyming Stories And Dreams on Google
That's my website on Songbay
When I post your song lyrics they will be around forever
From now on and always.

Baby Girl my arms are wide open
Waiting here in Nashville Tennessee
Hopefully when we meet it will last forever
Maybe from now on until eternity.
Baby Girl, You Are My Hero
And Baby Girl You Always Will
My Open Heart is pounding more than ever
"Every Time I Think Of You"
Baby Girl, My Open Heart Is Pounding More Than Ever
"Every Time I Think Of You"

"Every Time I Think Of You"


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