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Artist: Bonnie208
Artist's Description
PAGE 7451 is about a miscarriage of to speak, that came to be more of a period to be thankful for. Song 054 on keyboard is a possible ten duet song that will bring in as much delight, as WE ARE THE WORLD...the way I was at 15 years old.

Genre(s): Country, Piano, Contemporary Country, General Soundtrack
Mood(s): Meditative, Melancholic, Proud, Relaxed, Thoughtful
Style(s): Friendship, Nostalgic, Peace, Story
Language(s): NONE
SHE WAS AN AMAZING KIDExtended License:$200.00


By Bonnie208
I’m her Biology, it’s understood.
She wants to come close and feel motherhood
She is nervous, not just because of me
but for many reasons, that are private and free,
so there…I am watching her, as I should.

I desire her so much, I do care
I love her so much, I want to be there
I am so nervous, she will go astray
She may disappoint me, but I hope nay
I do not think she betrays me elsewhere.

She was so good, she was much like butter
Utterly creamy, she came butterly
to me, one sweet day, and my whole life changed.
I became new again, felt sweet and strange…
My kid, my greatly beloved butter.

She was an amazing kid, she flew well
She smiled like rose flowers, she made me yell,
cry, made me feel powerful, all at once…
she was my bright, rich kid who made me dunce
walk like on glass…came back to me like spell.

She made me laugh, dance, write, cry, feel the nude
She likes to walk, sunbathe like velvety…
Think she likes me pulling her ears with joy…
I wonder though if she loves that big boy…
I must keep writing till eternity.

That side of her life is gone forever
She’s now home, cooking, baking, whenever…
She is my little girl again, she’s well
She’s healthy, she’s crystal pink like seashell
She will be thoroughly missed, however.

She was the fair kid, who flew like life stars
She is now home to love her phones and cars
She loves the show-off in pink bikinis
She’s my amazing kid who loves genie…
I walk like glass with her, like moving stars.

She loves rich, fresh kitchen extremities
She has a desire to be gritty
She loves to sail on, focused in herself
She is a girl, all about her rich self
I must keep writing till eternity.

I wanna play golf with you; I know you
love school and Fine Art, I know you are true;
clever, brilliant, smart, intelligent, soft,
affluent, extravagant, so lofty
I really want to dance the night with you.

She stands next to femme statues she freely
made of me; she knows that I am real; she
knows I am her Biology, she wants
to come closer, she is ready for me.
She is my amazing kid, my Chi Chi.

She was my serene Queen so wintergreen
and she loves her front cover magazines.
She loves big birthday cakes, so supercool…
She listens when she feels like it…that’s cool
I must keep writing on, in Quarantine.

She has a desire for tomorrow
a time travel kid built for tomorrow
I desire her so much, I love her
I will just do it again and have her
How much joy we have, is in tomorrow?

I remember today like something proved
twenty-one long years ago, when I moved
into this apartment…times are chilling.
She loves Bora Bora with family
She is my amazing kid, I’m unmoved.

She loves clothes and loves her wholesale retail
She likes to dance, read, swim, bake, drive, fly, sail
She loves fresh richness in lush Hotel suites
She likes to show-off exceedingly, sweet…
She loves to travel, and I love to scale.

I have written all my life, my golden
writings, began at a young eight years old
with comprehensions; my first novel sphere
was at eighteen in Ely, Cambridgeshire.
I will write till eternity unfolds.

She’s an amazing kid, who loves cow milk
bikinis, she loves beaches and white silk
She loves the show-off on powerful yachts
She loves pictures on yachts with topknot
She loves Santa Barbara’s buttermilk.

I was straight A student in History
and Geography, which was mystery…
She’s talented, soft, a genius in Art
She loves writing, fashion and a la carte
I must keep writing historically.

I wonder…and as I look at a tree branch…
Would you ride on a camel on my ranch
with me? I have wanted to ride forthwith
on camels, what about horse riding with
me, on my rich Neverland Valley ranch.

One day, she flew to Japan blissfully
as a minor, a formidable pull,
but she was fine, I was not on a spoon…
Does she walk like the signature moonwalk
Does she love a boy in all watchfulness…?

She’s an amazing kid, who came back home
She has so many friends like Honeycomb
What does she think of the Michael Jackson’s
latest Vevo album simply known as
“A place with no name”, I feel like a pome.

She knows who I am, her forget-me-not.
Makes it easier, somewhat a fusspot
to pull her pretty ears, to kiss her ears
to listen to me…of course not…I fear
She rarely would give me a listen not.

In a world with golden lies and meany,
We seek success within ourselves…genie…
and family tree and true descendants.
She loves fresh rompers and rich gold pendants
She loves floral rompers, white bikinis.

She looks sexy in khaki coverage
and loves real rich gold in secured storage
She flew into Japan as a minor,
was of great concern to my eyeliner,
but she was my Tokunbo, my sandwich.

I have been in much worse nye prophecies
but I’m good, I do wonder if she’s high,
she has an eye to kiss…she kisses good
when it is her daddy; could babyhood
ever love, a blue boy who loves her pie.

She has many friends and all I wonder
is, if I will ever see her wonder…
you are ingenue, a cock-a-doodle-doo
I love writing and fashion, just like you
I know you’re good, my little sweet thunder.

She has great looks and a dietician
I say timely things on repetition
I wrote my first full novel at the age
of eighteen years, in hot tropics backstage
It was for a children’s competition.

Wrote a children’s novel with adult mix,
for Regal Company in Ely nix
in Cambridgeshire, so that I seemingly
understand the show-off, exceedingly…
I just keep writing, like Economics.

We thrive much more within ourselves, within
our family bond, within our Sovereign
and goodness; I like your childhood bedroom.
I like your blooming birth floral playroom…
With kindness, wherever we find ourselves.

She has her signature laugh and chuckles
You could not miss it…it’s like a buckle
as resounding as her family weight…
family tree line, she was my greatly
beloved, who came back home like suckle.

I love trophies and awards and winnings
Sadly, that side is not winning, spinning…
She smiled like rose flowers for remarriage,
She began as a glassy miscarriage,
but she is here now, with underpinning.

I love your natural jet dark silk bond,
voluminous, thick, lengthy hair I’m fond
of, and when you turn your hair, blonde…baby…
just as it was, when you were a baby,
just as it was, when you were born, a blonde.

She plays tennis, like her daddy, so young;
She likes to walk, jump, set tables, amongst
many likes…she skips, horse ride, drives sports cars,
She must stay home and get ready for ma,
make big oval birthday cakes for sweet tongues..


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