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The night or The mindset.

Artist: BarbedWirez
Artist's Description
It's a bout a man that's cheating on his old girl with this new girl that's a big model.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Aggressive, Disturbing, Dramatic, Romantic
Style(s): Alternative, Eighties (1980s), Elevator Music/Public Access TV
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

The night or The mindset.

By BarbedWirez
lyrics:you love sluts since they make you warm under the stick you you had to take her her across the interstate lanes you had to switch ass rounder than the orange on sunkiss she had hella weight gains and you glad she didn't come to catch you cheating you be looking stupid like like you in a case about be pleading for the crime you had to use the nine you too bad you couldn't use you're sense you said your ego was immense you tried to impress your new chick flex but you couldn't bench baby baby you thought about the good times with no jj youre new boo was in good shape with curves and could easily do the nar nae she didn't need a incline plane for her to move everywhere she didn't have any stretch marks showing her tears was your bae bae you can no longer include her as your bae your new girl waiting and she doesn't want you delay with the side thoughts of your old bae so keep it moving with your thoughts you always had a good mindset but this girl and you got her it's a catch with old girl you treat like stash put far out your mind and life you just had trife you Trifler driving apimped out chysler about to break down making you red in the face than bachelorette you embassed you had to take a smoke break later where is your cigarettes after the break you get back to your feelings thinking of your old girl how she would kill you she's aggressive you're paranoid with her it's like passive smoke the thoughts keep coming the thoughts are breaking you down like pain that is throbbing your conscious is saying fuck that girl but the thoughts make her seem visual like a mural so when the night came you slept with your new girl and when came you had to get her out even though even though she a pretty big model desperate for clout you just couldn't help her old by supplying her and you wanted to be nasty that night and make her kitty purr she had you in her trap the bed had a booby trap she had her way to lure to lure you in and stay like it's a hotel inn. that's the end of this lyrics it's a part 2 to the lyrics.


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