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Artist: Quinn
Artist's Description
Generic easy listening

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Pop Vocals
Mood(s): Bright, Easy, Flowing
Style(s): Friendship
Language(s): English


By Quinn
You don't go far to join the rat race, it's around every corner, it's in your face. It's commonplace, commonplace, commonplace. Naivety was beauty when all around was ours, rain may dampen spirits, (but see the beauty of flowers) its commonplace x4. In the aftermath of trauma it's hard to make some sense, your way of life, your habitat, it comes with consequence. It's commonplace x4. Take it, leave it, take it leave it, take it, leave it. Natural pleasures slowly, start to fade away, minutes turn to hours, yet we don't have no say. It's commonplace x4. So don't you be so stoic, the prize dictates the race, we've all come to realise this life is commonplace. It's commonplace x4 (fade out)


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