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Artist: NinaZar
Artist's Description
The music of this song should only follow the title and mix tango with some Latin Pop ...So in general should be a romantic but not slow. It should make people dance !

Genre(s): Blues, Easy Listening, Love Songs, Latin Pop
Mood(s): Bright, Light, Peaceful, Positive
Style(s): Ballroom Dance, Desire, Inspirational, Party
Language(s): English


By NinaZar

Let’s Tango my love just you and me
Let’s tango until eternity !

Let’s have the chance
To have this dance
You know life ends
Just in a glance !

Let’s have this tango witness of love
Let’s dance let’s fly to sky above
Let’s dance our own tango of love !

Come take my hand come let us dance ...
What a great feeling , what a romance !
I really hope it never ends
To have this dance , is a great chance !

As if the globe with us here dance
Under the stars pearls of romance !
And as if the sun lights up the floor
While the moon sings : "please just dance more ! ...
Yeah more and more ...
Please just dance more ! "

What a great chance ... !
What a romance !
What a great chance to have this dance ! ...

Life is too short ...
Ends in a glance
Only these moments give life a sens
They stop the time thanks to a dance !

So let’s tango my love just you and me
Let’s dance until eternity
Let’s have this chance
Of a great danse
Life is too short ...
Ends in a glance

Let’s break the walls and all the fens
Of all the evils ... " anti-romance "
Come on let’s dance ... let’s just feel fine
Let our heads turn like with great wine
Let’s tango till the end of time !

Let us stop time it’s about time
Not to do so would be a crime !
Short is our life ... short is the time
Come on let’s live best of our time
Let’s feel so well let’s feel divine !

Let’s tango my love just you and me
And from our fears let us be free !

Let’s tango my love just you and me
... Let’s Tango until eternity !


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