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Artist: NinaZar
Artist's Description
It,s a kind of inner conversation between a man and his conscience before committing fatal mistakes (like the Fatal attraction movie).
a music tat inspires relaxation and seduction would fit really well.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Rock
Mood(s): Hypnotic, Leisurely, Relaxed, Scary, Strange
Style(s): Desire, Dramatic Soundtrack, TV Drama, TV Themes
Language(s): English


By NinaZar
Here where you are ...
You’re in five star !

In this hotel no stars are far ...
Just make a wish and here’s your star
Straight in your hands ... no wish is far !

In this five star
No dreams are far ...
In this hotel
You’ll feel so well
Yeah dam so well ...
Deep in your cell !

You’ll feel the joy entering that cell
For troubles say " Goodbye to hell " !
Just stay one night and be " the star "
Come feel alright ... and don’t stay far !

I’ll treat you well
No more farewell ...
I’ll treat you good
Don’t say you would
That won’t be good !
Stay and I’ll cure your heart of wood !

Cos in this five star
No dreams are far !
In this hotel
There’s no farewell !

Who can just leave and this page turn ?
After all this ... there’s no U turn !
Around the sun all planets turn
Begging the sun to have their turn !

Who can refuse such kind of cure ?
Who can reject such an air pure ?

Who can refuse a great 5 star ?
Who can go back to home so far ?!

It is your time it is your turn
But once you’re in there’s no U turn ...

In this 5 Star
No dreams are far
In this hotel
It smells like hell !

Who really wants in hell to burn
Who really wants to have his turn
Who wants a point of no return ?
Begging the fire to miss his turn !

So read so well all rules and terms
Before your soul here inside burns

Before you pick this great 5 Star
Think of the house you left so far

Before you choose think very well
Cos once you’re in , there’s no farewell !

So did you choose ?
Did you think well ?

Well ... very well ...

Welcome to you ...
In " 5 star hell " !


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