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Artist: NinaZar
Artist's Description
It,s the story of a love deception with a contradiction between the positive name of the woman "Heaven" and the negative person she turns out to be .

Genre(s): Blues, Pop
Mood(s): Bitter, Light, Sad
Style(s): Nostalgic, Story
Language(s): English


By NinaZar
I thought I saw a heaven on earth
Like never seen since day of birth
I thought I touched with her the sky
But here I am ... desperate ... I cry !

"Heaven” was your real great name
And I’m the only one to blame

For falling in love with a one like you
For being so faithful and being so true ...

Heaven knows how I loved you
And all the things I’d do to you
Just to be there so close to you ...

But you weren’t true ... no you weren’t true ...
You made a fool of the " me and you " !

Heavenly ... heavenly my Heaven’s here !
What would be better then having her near ?
Or even better for me to hear ?!

Heavenly ... heavenly like in the Sky
She gives me wings she makes me fly !
Before she finally ... makes me die !

" Heaven ” ... what a lovely name !
But you and Heaven are not the same !
You only carry the letters of name
While the real Heaven is a painting in frame !

Heavenly heavenly sorrow and pain
My sweetest " Heaven " is not the same
I know that I’m the only one to blame ...
Cos I fell in love with her flame and name !

Heavenly ... heavenly I thought I had
A real good Heaven ... turns out she’s bad !
There’s no real " Heaven on Earth " ... too bad !
And my true " Heaven " made me so sad ...
I won’t be searching for " Heaven on Earth "
The one I searched for since date of birth

I won’t be searching for my “ Heaven " too
Cos my dear " Heaven " ... I really lost you !


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