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I'm sorry Kids, Goodbye

Artist: Sarah-Marie
Artist's Description
Emotional goodbye Written from a perspective of a struggling mum to her 3 children as she decides suicide is the only option left.

Style(s): Heartbreak, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$35.00
Extended License:$75.00

I'm sorry Kids, Goodbye

By Sarah-Marie
Why is this happening now? I've been fine all this time
Had a rough few months but came out the other side
At least that's what I thought, now I know that's not true
F***ed mental health haunts me out of the blue

It makes me believe it was all in the past
I feel so good now, I know this time it will last
But those good days get less and less common
and again, I find myself sinking towards rock bottom

I'm tired of faking a smile when everyone's around
Having to solely pick myself up off the cold lonely ground
and if I was lying in hospital covered in blood
Would they see that their 'help' just wasn't enough?

It wasn't enough to heal all the times I felt worthless
It wasn't enough to give my life some sort of purpose
The reasons I had to stay were taken
I've tried to feel okay but now I'm awakened

I cant fix my mistakes, there's no going back
'But they need me' is a feeling that simply I lack
Its for the best if I leave so I can do no more wrong
Don't pretend you would actually miss me if I were gone

I'm tired of fighting a war I stand no chance of winning
Go to bed to end the day and dread a new one beginning
When I had everything in the world I still felt empty inside
Wouldn't it be better for everyone if I just died?

I wish I could hold you one last time
and tell you somehow, everything's going to be alright
You are a part of me, but I'm not good enough for you
But there are people that are, so this is the right thing to do

It doesn't seem fair now that I've left you alone
I didn't but Mum can only see you through the phone
I wish id been there every time that you've cried
Believe me kids, I've tried, I've tried!

The best thing that happened to me, that is so true
My life changed for the best the days I met you
But I've failed you so much, it wasn't my plan
Trust me, when you're older, you'll all understand

You'll understand that I loved you more than anyone in the world
I fought to be with you but my voice went unheard
I tried to stay here, I tried for so long
but your lives will be perfect, once I've finally gone

Your lives are complete because you have each other
Three strong brothers and no failure of a mother
You will grow and succeed and you will know right from wrong
Your lives will be perfect, now that I'm gone

I'm Sorry kids, Goodbye


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