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Next Hype Remix (aka The Nex Ting)

Artist: PapawiddaChoppa
Artist's Description
This is my remix take on Tempa T's 'Next Hype' song.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry, Anthemic, Energetic
Style(s): Ballad, Comedy
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$50.00

Next Hype Remix (aka The Nex Ting)

By PapawiddaChoppa
catch me at night like a star
shooting by but not in a car
they thought they could outrun me, but i chased dem down barefoot from afar
ha i call that one a par! took their keys like they were drunk at a bar
they couldn't get away, even if they drove and put molasses to the tar
i dare them to dare me now, and watch me play them just like guitar
just like a criminal lawyer you best believe they'll definitely get disbar
on a power trip like my name is jafar, making it hot like we live in qatar
they don't want to see me establish position down low on the block like sim bhullar

Got everything strapped to my back
Can't get robbed--cuz i'm already jacked
Couldn't get fired--cuz i'm already sacked
removed my heart, so it couldn't get attacked
ya, what you know bout dat, had to stop y'all cause yous got tracked
had to search everyone for hacks
couldn't let no snakes infiltrate my pack

have to get up real sharp
pulling strings like i'm playing a harp
they say what i do ain't art
but they didn't say shit from the start
say why!? 
playing pool with sharks
get dropped of into the deepest part
get put to sleep like a tranquilizing dart
got on a short list like kevin hart 
patrolling the malls just like paul blart
tagging up shit like my name is bart
still hitting licks off of the quickie mart
got tangy mixed into that tart
no turning back once we've depart
got em locked in like an amusement park
got a suit with some wrinkles, so you dunno i gotta call tony stark

why? cause he's the iron man
bringing the heat like a fireman
manna got torched by bunson's burner 
so they call him the burning man

never growing up i'm peter pan
when i make jokes they neverland
sumtin' like a max 8 from boeing fam
got benjamins all up in my buttons man

dunno if i catch them they won't be alright
made them resign from their jobs overnight
exposed their partnership with the alt-right
brought their secrets into the light
now they all skipped town, up north on a flight
and i'm sure they're happy up there cause as we know everything is covered by white


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