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If you want to get by with murder

Artist: Mark Michael Emery
Artist's Description
I write political poetry and words that are relevant to today's current affairs.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Hardcore Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive
Style(s): Commercial, Humanity, Patriotic
Language(s): English

If you want to get by with murder

By Mark Michael Emery
If you want to get by with murder
just become a cop,
you can end up dead,
with a bullet in the head,
after a simple traffic stop.

They took an oath to protect and serve,
the people of the community,
a sacred oath they should preserve
with pride and dignity.

There are those police officers
that go to work and
do their jobs alright,
there's others that go
above and beyond and would
take a bullet for you in a gunfight.
Still there's corruption in
so many cop shops all across the land,
you watch the news it's nonstop,
we have to take a stand,
it's obvious there's double standards
it seems it's never gonna stop,
so if you want to get by with murder
just become a cop.

It's got to the point you can't trust the police
with the abuse that's going on,
then you wonder why people pack a piece
whether it's a knife
or a loaded gun,
now this don't mean I'm advocating
to bring harm to those in blue,
but they have to stop discriminating
folks like me and you.

So next time you pull up to a stop sign,
make sure you
come to a full and complete stop,
because if you get pulled over,
it just might be a dirty cop.


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