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Artist: Rhyming Stories And Dreams
Artist's Description
A young man runs away from home when he was 16 years old and left his ex girlfriend there and after 16 yrs later after a horrible life except for having a son he returns home to his ex girlfriend.

Genre(s): Country, R-n-B, Traditional Country, General R-n-B
Mood(s): Bouncy, Floating, Happy
Style(s): Ballad, Inspirational, Story, TV Themes
Language(s): English
Standard License:$200.00
Extended License:$400.00


By Rhyming Stories And Dreams
Written By Barry Hanner.

Verse 1
I only had one real relationship,
And that was sixteen years ago.
Since then I only ten one nighters,
Mainly with a bunch of street hoes.

Would I ever go back to my ex again,
"In A Heartbeat" I'd do it all again.
Those were my best days ever,
Except for the day when my son was born.

Verse 2
Sixteen years have come and gone,
And look where I am today.
I lost my crappy job and I have no rent money
And I am lonely constantly.

Would I go back where I came from,
"In A Heartbeat" I would have already be gone.
Would I ever get back with my ex girlfriend,
"In A Heartbeat" If wasn't for my son.

Would I Ever,
Turn back the hands of time.
"In A Heartbeat" I do it all again second,
I'd be taking the first bus out of town.
Would I Ever,
Leave this old run down town behind.
"In A Heartbeat" Yes I would do it,
As long as my son was able to come along.
"As Long As My Son Was Able To Come Along"

Bridge / Middle Section

Verse 3
I spoke to my teenage son about this,
He wanted to stay here with his mom.
I spoke to my ex girlfriend about this,
"In A Heart" She said she said bring him along.

My son told me he loved me very much,
And he wished me good luck on my way.
He said dad I got my girlfriend pregnant,
And that's why dad I'm gonna stay.

Verse 4
I only had one real relationship
And that was sixteen years ago.
Sine then I only had ten one nighters
On these sad and lonely roads.

For sixteen years I've been really missing my ex,
And I'm finally glad I'm headed back home today.
Sixteen years ago I ran away in the wrong direction,
And now right here is where I gonna stay.

Would I Ever,
Turn back the hands of time.
"In A Heartbeat" I did it in a second,
Now I'm at bus terminal number nine.
Would I Ever,
Take another big chance again.
"In A Heartbeat" The bus door opened,
And there stood my ex girlfriend.
"In A Heartbeat" The Bus Door Opened,
"And There Stood My Ex Girlfriend Again".



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