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Nigga get some

Artist: The curse ft.the artistic stylings of Satanom
Artist's Description
Baby you drive me crazy

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, R-n-B, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Dreamy
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$125.00
BUY COPYRIGHT:$30,000.00

Nigga get some

By The curse ft.the artistic stylings of Satanom

Oh oh..
You drive me crazy
They know
I'm here with my lady
Oh oh..
What have you done for me lately...
They know
You drive a nigga crazy
Oh oh..
I'm in love
With my baby
Oh oh...
Nigga get some...


Nigga it's me
And it's on and popping
I may be in love
But I can do without you

No other bitch
Is was what that nigga was preaching
Talking about creeping
I called the freaks in

Nigga we're fxxxing
That's all it is
When my bitch comes through
She gonna handle her biz

Hey nigga..
You talking about you got that pole game
Me and my Dame's
Are out for that change.
Doing stranger thangs
We're all about
Our change
I'm the bitch
Why you acting like one
fxxx the pussy
I'm ready run
quit acting
In front of them cameras
I'm here to represent
I'm here to stack my ends
When we ride
Well evaporate like ghost
We gonna clean out the spot
Nigga it's all profit
I'll call that nigga
Cause we're living large
Fades in the yard
Moving work out the back
I don't know what to tell you bitch
When it's about them
A bitch will handle her business


Talking about love
Pass me the keys
When a bitch moves keys
The call a queen greedy
If I need ya
Then I'm doing much
You might not fxxx
But I can still get you touched..


I run point
They call this pussy magic
I'm on point
So niggas got to have it...
Ben Frank's
That's all that raised me
Big faces
That's all that pays me..
Look nigga
I'm brunch
And a pole at noon
When niggas get the room.
We do what were suppose to
Breaking niggas
I'm about that bread
A closed mouth don't get fed
Ill use my brain instead
Bitches always want to talk shit about me
Talking about they Barbie
But they can't handle their Barcardi
You know me I don't give a fxxx
When that nigga wants to fxxx
I'll serve him up
Im not a young bitch
I'm primed and ready
I've already been vetted
So I'm going to make his cheddar
Bitch you're top rung
I'm always his bottom
They call me the problem solver
Cause I hold his revolver
I might be a bitch
But that nigga loves me
When I need to get fxxx
He knows how to fxxx me .
So well always stay in touch


Oh oh
You drive me crazy..
They know I'm here
With my lady
Oh oh
What have done for me lately
They know
They drive a nigga crazy
Oh oh..
I'm in love with my
Oh oh
Nigga get some..


Nigga it's me
I'm about that bullshit
When niggas pull up
I become about my chips
I love to get spun
And break a nigga down..

How you like me now bitch

I've never seen
A Frank
That a bitch
Didn't like
When your speak into
The Mike
I'm beating
fxxx you
I'll die for this
You maybe his new
But I'm always his round..
I'm that nigga
I've already been been vetted
Since we were young
We got that cheddar together
It might be now
Or always forever
But when my nigga
Stands tall
We break bread together...
We gone off that tron'e
We even fxxx bitches together
Talking about done
We'll train them up together
When my nigga rides
We put our family first
Or one of us
Is going out in a Hearst


Oh oh..
You drive me crazy
They know..
I'm here with my lady
Oh oh..
What have done for me lately
They know
You drive a nigga
I'm in love with
My baby
Oh oh..
Nigga get some


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