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Darkness in my soul

Artist: Katiesame
Artist's Description
Most of it is kind of depressing but i can write about happy stuff sometimes

Genre(s): Pop, Rock
Mood(s): Bitter, Dark, Dramatic, Romantic, Sad
Style(s): Comedy, Gothic/Classic Horror, Motivational, Story
Language(s): English
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Darkness in my soul

By Katiesame
There's a darkness in my soul.
My loved ones dont know.
No way they'd understand.
But all I need is for you to listen.
Unknowingly I'm judged for every word I speak.
I'm trying to change. I thought ya knew its just not that easy. It wont happen fast.
Your still in love with the girl in the past.
When I really need you now.
I've been lying to myself trying to deny my own reasons.
I say I dont dwell on shit and I dont hold grudges.
But I resent myself for everything I did to everyone I hurt. I'm still regretting every hurtful thing i did.
Thinking bout how its pointless cause it will never be fixed.
Thats why i hate life.
Once you screw up its hardly ever better after. It's like death is better than dealing with my mind. My head is never quiete. Its stuck on repeat and rewind. I dont know how to fully move on even though every day I'm trying to be a different person. Yet this darkness in me keeps on bringin me back to square one.


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