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Far From

Artist: PapawiddaChoppa
Artist's Description
This is a freestyle I wrote to Dirty Danger's Misty Cold instrumental. It's a telling of how I feel about certain things that I have either been through or witnessed.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Freestyle Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry, Anthemic, Bitter, Revenge
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$50.00

Far From

By PapawiddaChoppa
man's far from religious

but i still use them

and even tho man's a vegan

when their goose gets cooked

i say hallelujah amen

you can come with 12 of your disciples

i'll just bring 8 apostates 

give you the finger right to your proph's fate

man ain't no crabs, but i'm definitely a cheapskate

but i go all out on the blades like i ice skate


still haven't learned to calm down

even though i regularly meditate

Still consumed by anger and lots of hate

The latter of which had me contemplate 

How i could channel it into something kind of great

So now when i do it i do it through my bars cause it helps keep my head on kind ah straight

see you may have the golden bridges, but i control the golden gates

and just like a closeted gay man, you've been avoiding the mandates

that's a big mistake like outting yourself in the vatican or even caliphate

there's no cooling off or ventilate, got revenge coming in hot on a platter plate

with enough venom in each bar to make the worlds strongman do the harlem shake


like quaker oats, you're quick and easy to cook

made me unleash the beast, now you're shook

initially you thought you could take man for some kind of rook

but you didn't know how far i would go, because, you mistook 

now man's furious

just like pete

come thru the block with the hood and the heat

like man was sent to patrol the beat

mad combo thing like rain & snow making sleet

attack you like a predator, but harass you just like a creep

mans a shepherd, so i brought my sheep

silence you with a bow, [pause] so there won't be no peep

hit your crib up in a honda, then vacate the premises off in a jeep!


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