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Love Ain't Easy

Artist: DFB
Artist's Description
The story within the lyric involves a man finding someone he wants to love but has difficulty convincing her because she was hurt from her past relationship.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop, General Rap
Mood(s): Mellow, Slow
Style(s): Desire
Language(s): English
Standard License:$20.00
Extended License:$100.00

Love Ain't Easy

Verse 1:

Easy come easy go, you say is all you know

But I’m here to show that ain't how I roll

Cause I’m down to ride and ain't all about pride

No matter what comes up, I’ll stay by your side

I can speed up my love or slow it down

Love you twenty-four seven, tell me how’s that sound?

I know you been through rough patches in the past

But allow me to be the protective cast

I’ll care for you as best I can so you can be strong

I won’t be one of those guys who’d string you along

I’m a treat you good and show you that you’re royal

I won’t hurt you then buy you some shiny piece of foil

I know what you want but tell me what you need

You should take me daily cause I’m the remedy

I know you been through a lot but I won’t be the same

Give me a chance to show I ain't spitting game

Verse 2:

I know your body is tired of every bruise

Knowing he thinks he can pay you off with shoes

But I can shower you with gifts without the pain

I won’t let your feelings stand out in the rain

I know the struggle has been all you’ve known

But the greener grass on the other side is what I’ve shown

It’s up to you if you want to cross the fence to me

I can help you though cause I know love ain't easy

He may have talked down to you and you felt the strain

But I want to prove to you that not all guys are the same

He may not see the treasure that he tossed away

But I will keep you forever and love you everyday

I know you thought that love wasn’t something you were fitting

It’s cause I was the piece of the love that was missing

Just give me the chance to show you something new

And I can show you what it’s like when a guy keeps it true

Verse 3:

I know you may show hesitation towards what I say

But we can take it slow, just come slow my way

I know love is tough for you and problematic

Especially when you been with guys that turned tragic

Yet I promise that I will go your pace

I can show you that love doesn’t have to be like a maze

I know love ain't easy so you can take your time

I won’t move on to some other girl with the same line

The words I speak were only made for your ears

Let me help you heal and take away all the fears

There’s better love out there than the one he has

I’ll show you what true love is and how long it lasts

Just let him go and leave him in the dust

Move on to me and I’ll help you forget who he was

Give me a chance and I can give you all you want and need

I can show you that all you been looking for was me


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