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No easy relation to hardship

Artist: DC
Artist's Description
90s raw style rap. Defferent subjects brought upon thug life and hardship in one song.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Gangsta, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry, Dark, Flowing, Hard
Style(s): Danger, Death
Language(s): English

No easy relation to hardship

Flicking cash inbetween my finger tips
Got a paper cut
Now there'r blood on the trigger
In this section
Bitches and snitches stationed at my side
Though my holster can become empty at any time
A red note if you're try'na clean my spot
Cause the only thing thats going to slip through
Is my dick wet
With no glove
As I payed for it
Still protected
She spots me as a G
So I hit it where she wants
Treat her like a princess
Strip her down and get crowned
Musically styled
In the studio all night
Im at stud on the radio
I go as hard as I can
Bad as it gets
And Im good as gone
Easy going

Choked up on blood
Cause my closest stopped breathing
Hooked on coke and coughing from hoes
Hung my coat up but left my vest on
Top armoured
But my shield is broken
I got forces everywhere try'na effect me
Paranoid in this bitch
But I know they're a pair of boys trying to sack me out of balling
So I make them suck up and roll out
Lips sealed unless they want to get smoked
Drug dealers hold onto their jewels at all cost
Police on our back so we're upfront with freedom
Heads down in hell while heaven is backing our minds
Making drops and picking up from where I left off
Born in this world and bred on my word
Evade prison
I aint presenting no son alienated
Plus I have a wife to feed
But she aint married to no fed time
Gifted life and cursed to die
Look at this monstrucity
Kill or be kiled
Smoke that K and get ill
To go against natural instinct
We've been caged like up animals
We marked our territory
And if you cross ovet our side
We'll terrorize your story
Just end up an excuse to feed my frenzy
Cause Im borderline crazy
Alarm bells rang out
Like a wake up call of who you're messing with
Ride the night
Spark till we tire
Leave our enenmies squeeling
In our darkest hour
We connected and you errored
An era of cons we neglected

You snitch on mine
And Ill snatch your life
Watch your mouth
And keep your eyes down
Ratting out your mouse hole
Put me in a cage with you Im sure you'll get rattled
fxxxing snakes trying to trap me
See its me at the back of your mind
But you're mine up front
I got this anger in my bones
This hatred grows
The poorer are getting sicker and it goes unknown
Mean't to worth more
Living on less means
Treated like shit
Put in the dirt while they get filthy rich
They don't give a fxxx about us
No skin of their back
Who do we look up to when the lower class aren't moving forward
Learn the hard way
While we're shacked up
Stressing out with no time to rest
Stuck with alot on our mind
And nothing to show for it
But we get by
Shopping for signs
Budgeting with no sure shot
But survival


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