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Artist: TuneMan
Artist's Description
I think this is a good song considering what we are going through today

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Gangsta, General Rap
Mood(s): Hypnotic, Optimistic, Sweet
Style(s): Triumph
Language(s): English


By TuneMan
Political, can we agree on something big?
Success requires bargaining, lets compromise to get a jig
Or wig, this cancer is not my preference
These institutions really are a good reference
And constitutions we follow, now there's no silence
Government, the control of the author is power from whence
Let's do this, I like to say collective action
And a chord nation helps, it's like a faction
But personally, I have a dilemma to fix
I feel like a prisoner, I get next to nix
Whats the focal point? Is it a common purpose?
Am I a hare? Or the zero sum of a tortoise
It's a cosmological constant, dark energy, it's relative
Logos practice again, it's something I can give
Rick Ross, Tik Toc, Flip Flops, Responsive
Grand schemes, soul teams, whole seams, forgive
I can enjoy my reality, it is felicitous
I enjoy communication, it is mellifluous
In finite possibilities, majority rules us
Infinite possibilities, Minority schools us
Whats the point of algebra in life?
I think its a very good way to get a ife
Some strife, it's good, I want these people in on the fun
If I am dead or alive I know I have one


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