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Ghosts And Shadows

Artist's Description
I envisioned perhaps a heavy, slow electronic/indie melody to accompany these lyrics.

Style(s): Alternative, Confusion
Language(s): English
Standard License:$10.00
Extended License:$20.00

Ghosts And Shadows

Verse 1:
I texted you when I was eighteen
it was ten times a day
no support from social teams
Best friends, oh yes indeed.
Till we became overwhelmed
and couldn’t accept the blame.
And our close friends agreed
that they felt the same.
And that was how things remained.
No one else knew about it
and no one else cared.
Back to when I found
just inspiration or mistaken.

Verse 2:
Back when everything I found
Inspiration or mistaken.
Rumours where just spoken
trolling not even a notion.
I believed that people thought
across the lands and oceans
that while we’d little information
others were generally good natured.
But yesterday I had a little cry
not just because they watched him die.
But cos of all the keyboard lies.
The faceless ones.
The nameless ones.
And while we still ask why
none of us are surprised.
I think back to when I found
Just inspiration or mistaken.

Verse 3:
Now the ladies call themselves Bitches
the men become feminine.
Children receiving pitches.
The nerds have taken the crown
elite left with offices of state.
The palaces, the security gates.
Public opinion doesn’t know
which way privacy goes.
But that battle lost long ago.
When we had to pay taxes
when we had to buy to eat.
So the nameless ones
and the faceless ones.
They’re our ghosts
they’re our shadows.


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