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Artist: Bonnie208
Artist's Description
Song 6940 of my catalog is Dedicated to Michael Jackson's June 25th 2020 11th year anniversary. Sometimes, it is about Free verses devoted to Freedom...Keyboard 035

Genre(s): Country, Piano, Bluegrass, General Soundtrack
Mood(s): Dreamy, Flowing, Meditative, Relaxed, Thoughtful
Style(s): Broadway Musicals, Friendship, Lullaby, Story
Language(s): NONE
GONNA BE A BEAUTIFUL HIGHExtended License:$200.00


By Bonnie208

You got your laptop on table,
I see you are a busy boy,
do not fancy tattoos but,
you are doing well, somewhat…
Is it me, you got on your back,
Was that the image I showed to you?
About the one-billion-year-old beauty
off the moon…
You portray me, as a Lady ancient,
I guess I am that formidable.
Mino my boy, you are,
Are you reading me, in Israel,
do you love my plausibility’s?
Or, is it just truly me, on your back…?
I like that, what you think of me.
You are a beautiful soul, my boy
I love this global earth, my dear.
but I think I will give you
the mighty Universe, because,
you loved me first,
because you love me.

You are doing so well,
You loved your boarding school,
In the lovely sweet Colorado,
I never had the privilege,
In my boarding school
I have never really heard
of the slave trade, even though,
I grew up in the tropics
but I am glad you could make it up to me,
you are a beautiful soul, my boy.
I like what you think of me,
I love this global earth, my dear,
but I think I will give you,
the mighty Universe,
because you loved me first
because you love me so,
I will give you, all of it,
because of yesterday
because the earth matters,
because of all the dreams, that we said
was yours and mine.

ECHOES: Let me glance beyond the stars, this is where we are, it is in our EARTH’s song. Now I know, I cannot sing without fire burning in me. Now, I know it is going to be uniquely beautiful, a beautiful High.

You got your folder, you got your papers,
You got your Herbal tea,
In this time and era of viruses and epidemics
You got your smart, smooth grey jacket
You are more precious than any pearl.

Gonna be a beautiful high
Gonna fall in love with you again, High one
Just like in Liberian girl production
Gonna change my world with you
Gonna call you, as you call me, always.

Gonna be a beautiful High
Gonna love you all the time
Gonna love you, my Liberian boy
You are a beautiful needed soul
I love your directing and it is a wrap.

ECHOES: I love your punks, I love the way you punk me, I am glad it is all a punk, for it must be a beautiful High. Could not make a beautiful thriller without you.

Mino is learning a lot about viruses
He has a new office, he has questionnaires
He has his socks, shoes, and yellow thriller waistcoat
He has his desk and soft firm leather chair
It is a woman to man super simple experience.

Gonna be a beautiful high
gonna be no secrets in this closet, High one
the desire is real, the door is unneeded
cast the spell in the beautiful high
cast the spell in this luxurious limousine.

You know that your place is high
your place is high and committed
gonna be about love and romance
all about blood on my side, blood in me.
all about escapism, all about you, High one.

ECHOES: Be the ghost of jealousy, be the light of the world. I know it is going to be a beautiful High. Let me dance to your needs. Let me pole dance to your rhythm.


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