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Girl of Your Dreams

Artist: Futuristic Girl
Artist's Description
The lyrics and style aren't always linear and have various undertones. Basically, in these lyrics the girl is saying she can be anything the boy wants. It depends on him. Anything could happen in this exchange.

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Pop, Ambient/Dream Pop, Love Songs
Mood(s): Hypnotic, Introspective, Mellow, Melancholic, Thoughtful
Style(s): Alternative, Ballad, Desire
Language(s): English
Girl of Your DreamsStandard License:$15.00
Extended License:$25.00

Girl of Your Dreams

By Futuristic Girl
Do you think you could fall for a girl like me?

Could I be the girl of your dreams?

Sometimes I can be too much

I don't let things go

Push you to the edge until you break

Be sure about how much you can take

I'm not for the faint of heart

I can tear you apart

Sweet like sugar

Then I turn sour

Never underestimate my power

Don’t be dumb boy

I can be your worst nightmare

The girl of your dreams is just below the surface

She can come and save you

Only if you allow her


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